Law Enforcement & First Responders

Our solutions transform any public security vehicle in a connected vehicle able to offer advanced services in motion

Law enforcement & First Responders

We offer a set of hardware and software solutions to build an end-to-end platform providing advanced services in motion for Law Enforcement & First Responders' vehicles.

These embedded technological solutions are designed to create a fog-based architecture best suitable for environments in motion that require real-time performances, reliability and stand-alone functionality while being able to connect with their Cloud component.

Onboard Segment

HITRONETIC automotive hardware & software embedded platform

- E mark certified
- POE network interfaces
- 9-36 V power supply
- Wide temperature range

Ground Segment

We offer personalized innovative solutions to build your end-to-end platform's network and ground segments.

Network Segment

We provide the most advanced communication technologies to establish a fast, reliable and secure onboard/ground connection. Short/long range or always-on connection communication technologies available : WIFI, LTE/4G/5G (operated or non-operated), Wireless Broadband Unlicenced                              

Operational Use Case

Advanced services in motion for Law Enforcement

The automotive platform (onboard segment) connects your vehicles to the ground segment. 

HITRONETIC standard software components provide onboard CCTV and ALPR (Automated License Plate Recognition) services and interconnects the peripherals  (cameras, terminals, devices and sensors) specific to this application. The CCTV services can connect, record and transmit to the ground segment several cameras that equip the vehicle or the agents. The terminals in the vehicle can access to local or distant services.

HITRONETIC builds an end-to-end platform using functionalities with standard software components (video management,  geolocation, etc.) implemented on the ground segment.  

This end-to-end CCTV solutions' platform offers the following advanced mobility services  : 

- Onboard recording 
- Remote video surveillance (Live, playback)
- Automated download
- Mass storage
- Multi-criteria (vehicle ID, time, date, location, event, etc.) searchin
- Video/audio analytics
- Driver support (passenger monitoring, driver only operations, remote alerting)
- And many others according to your operational needs

Also available for the following industries

First Responders

Crowd and Riot controls

Fire engines                            

Emergency vehicles

Security vehicles

Borders controls' vehicles


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