Our ambition is to connect vehicles to provide advanced services in motion


HITRONETIC's leading-edge end-to-end platform is a set of interacting hardware and software components connecting vehicles and providing advanced mobility services 

A fog-based architecture

Cloud-centric architecture is not suitable for environments in motion that need real-time performances, reliability and autonomous features. 

In fog-based architecture, critical processings are performed not exclusively in the Cloud but also in embedded devices to avoid latency, bandwidth constraints and broken links issues.

Fog-based architecture enables local device-to-device, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure.

A global ecosystem

Our end-to-end platform is made up of three components :

- Onboard Segment (OBS) : Embedded in the vehicles
- Network Segment (NTS) : Ensuring the Onboard/Ground communication
- Ground Segment (GRS) : Hosting services' infrastructure


Wide range of standard and interoperable equipments such as calculators, switches, cameras, monitors, displays, etc ... , highly reliable in compliance with the required standards such as E-mark, EN50155 or EN50121, designed and built to ensure their sustainability and scalability.


Establish a fast and secured Onboard/Ground communication,
short/long range or always-on connection using the most advanced communication technologies available such as WiFi, LTE/4G or Wireless Broadband Unlicenced.


Physical or virtual IT infrastructure hosting and running services, providing tamper-proof storage with a scalable, flexible and open architecture simplifying the implementation and the deployment of new advanced services in motion.

The Key features

HITRONETIC's leading-edge end-to-end platform is :

- Modular : the use of the different components depends on the services you need

- Distributed :  services are distributed on the different components of our end-to-end platform 

- Scalable : our end-to-end platform fits the size of your needs

- Interoperable : we integrate a wide range of standard embedded equipments such as calculators, switches, cameras and monitors 

- Fog-based : embedded systems can be autonomous by processing data (unlike solutions only Cloud-centric) 

- Open : our end-to-end platform offers unlimited possibility of applications development using API

- Fast : we use the most advanced communication technologies such as LTE/4G, WiFi or Wireless Broadband Network

- Secured : communications between onboard embedded systems and infrastructures are secured

- Highly reliable : the end-to-end platform high-performance hardware is in compliance with most of required standards such as E-mark, EN50155 or EN50121


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