We provide end-to-end advanced platform for connected vehicles

You have just to focus on the services you need

Our platform offers a secured and trust domain where onboard devices and infrastructure are able to exchange data in an efficient way to offer advanced services.

We offer a wide range of resources (hardwares, softwares and services) to be installed onboard and on the ground. Choose the configuration that suits you well and be ready to leverage the out-of-the-box connectivity for your fleet of vehicles. Use our built-in tools to create and deploy your services.

Our platform helps you save time, efforts and money and meets your requirements now and in the future.

Our plateform is made up of 3 segments :
- "Onboard Segment" (OBS) that is embedded in the vehicles 
- "Network Segment" (NTS) that ensures the onboard/ground connectivity 
- "Ground Segment" (GRS) that is the hosting services infrastructure 

Onboard Segment (OBS)

 Wide range of standard and interoperable equipments: calculators, switchs, cameras, monitors, displays....
- Designed and built to ensure their sustainability and their scalability
- Highly reliable and high-quality hardware, compliant with most of required standards : E-mark, EN50155, EN50121

Network Segment (NTS)

Establish a fast, reliable and secure Onboard/Ground communication
- Short/long range or always-on connection
- Several technologies available : WIFI, LTE/4G (operated or non-operated), Wireless Broadband Unlicenced

Ground Segment (GRS)

Physical or virtual IT infrastructure that hosts and runs your specific services
- Tamper-proof storage data 
- Scalable, flexible and open so the implementation and the deployment of new services are simple
We have applications in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, hosted (private, public or hybrid). You just need a thin client

Our platform architecture is fog-based and not cloud-centric

Cloud-centric architecture is not suitable to mobile environment that needs real-time performance, reliability and autonomous features.

In fog-based architecture, some critical processings are performed in the onboard devices and not in the cloud to avoid latency, bandwidth constraints and broken links issues.

Fog-based architecture enable local device-to-device communication, vehicule to vehicule communication and vehicule to cloud communication.

Turnkey services for Transports, off-the-shelf or tailor-made

We provide all the technological components you need to build your services from scratch. But we also have ready-to-use services that can be directly implemented, or customized to fulfill your requirements :

ADVANCED MOBILE CCTV : Onboard recording - Remote Video surveillance (Live, playback) - Automated download - Mass storage - Multi-criteria (vehicle ID, time, date, location, event...) searching - Video/Audio analytics - Driver support (passenger monitoring, driver only operations, remote alerting)

DYNAMIC PASSENGER INFORMATION SYSTEM : Internet access - Entertainment delivery - Real-time travel information -Live/pre-recorded announcements - Geo-targeted content - Infotainment portal

ENHANCED ASSET MANAGEMENT : Vehicle tracking (live/playback) - Map overlays - Remote vehicles diagnostics (detailed reports, automatic issue alert, historical data) 

Equip your fleets with 
our solutions

Mass Transit

Bus & Coach


Tram & Light Rail


Trains & Subways


Our products (cameras, monitors, sensors, calculator, network equipments, ...) are designed and manufactured to hold all the environmental constraints and shocks encountered in transit vehicles (compliance with E-mark, EN50155, EN50121 standards).

Our solutions rely on a high-performance links (WiFi, 4G-LTE, Wireless Broadband unlicensed...) between Onboard and Ground to provide advanced services :

- Mobile CCTV : massive HD Audio & Video recording, scheduled download, local (driver) and remote (ground, security patrol) access to (live or replay) footages, front/rear/corridor coverage (DOO), alarms notifications and broadcasts

- Fleet Management : route position checking (live location or during a replay), route deviation analysis and management, geofencing (trigger alert or automatic treatment based on vehicle position)

- Driver assistance : panic button, videophony, automatic detection of obstacles on the way, lone worker protection, reversing video aid, platform vision (driver), during the approach phase... 

- Driver behaviour : fuel consumption, mileage checking...

- Passenger entertainment and infotainment : Internet onboard (captive portal, advertisements...), geo-based & live/pre-downloaded content delivery

- Remote vehicle diagnostics : continuous monitoring of all onboard equipments, reports with automatic download to ground, details or synthetic of fleet systems status

- People counting (Video)

Public security

Law enforcement


First responders


Security vehicles


To carry out their operations, emergency services are frequently facing harsh conditions: dark conditions, high-speed, traffic jam... It may lead to disastrous consequences not only for their own safety and their assets but also for the population. Our solutions provide services to help during these interventions :

- Mobile CCTV : massive HD Audio & Video recording, local (driver) & remote (ground, security patrol) access to (live or replay) footages, front/rear/corridor coverage (DOO), alarms notifications & broadcasts

- Fleet Management : fleet tracking (live location or during a replay), geofencing (trigger alert or automatic treatment based on vehicle position)

- Driver assistance : alarms, videophony, automatic detection of obstacles on the way...

- Advanced video search and analysis tools: Automatic Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR)

- Remote monitoring : permanent monitoring of all onboard equipments, reports with automatic download to ground, detail or synthetic of fleet systems status, evidence report generation

- Cross-border / urban traffic enforcement 

Road Transportation

Freight transport


We offer a complete range of solutions to prevent accidents and optimize the efficiency of your fleet : 
- Mobile CCTV (get evidence in case of collisions)
- Monitors, rear and reversing cameras, and radar systems to cover angles and then to assist the driver during a manoeuvre
- GPS tracking and interfaces with onboard existing systems (CAN bus ...)



Due to their valuable freight, operations of cash transport staff are constantly threatened by attacks.

To ensure the security, our solutions help the driver when manoeuvring and safeguard the place of destination (monitors, forwarding videos from CCTV (bank, mall center, shop...) to vehicules).

Light vehicles


Taxi drivers are facing violence, theft and other kind of anti-social behavious. Our solutions :
- Have a dissuasive effect on potential offenders as they are filmed 
- Ensure the global security to the drivers and their passengers